I’m Tara, your go-to Atlanta Headshot Photographer

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I find so much joy in celebrating others.

I have been a portrait and headshot photographer for over a decade. The last 7 years in Atlanta!

I am also an actor! Through doing the work and coming from a Meisner based training, I found a love for directing and helping actors bring out honest emotions. So we can show casting YOU--how you express, how you look when you're authentically confident, happy, stern, mysterious, etc.

It's in the exploration that we have not only have the most fun, but we capture photos that tell a story.




Fact 1

I was born and raised in North Carolina, but Atlanta has been my home since it captured my heart 7 years ago.


Fact 2

My favorite fandoms are Harry Potter and Doctor Who. I've also been playing a lot of Fall Guys on PS5 lately. hehe


Fact 3

Our amazing lighting assistant, Craig, is also my husband! He and I were married on 11-11-22. Still feeling like lovey dovey newly weds


Fact 4

My background in Healthcare and the hospitality industry have given me a passion for service and client experience.

Meet Craig!

Craig, our lighting assistant, has been working with photography since the days of 35mm film and has continued to enjoy creating lighting setups for digital cameras as well.

His Engineering background helps with many of the technical and structural aspects of setups for the shoot, while the artistic flair comes from his decade plus of working in film, television, and theatre.

As an actor, he’s able to help Tara as she guides clients to connect to the different versions of themselves and emote honestly.

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