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Hi, I'm Tara!

I have been taking headshots for 10 years. You might be familiar with my work under "Tara Gulledge Photography." I wanted to create a dedicated site just for actors so that I can display more specific acting content, and thus The Actor Headshot was born! 

I have been a professional actor since 2011. I believe my skills as an actor not only make it so I can get more honest emotions out of clients, but I also know what casting directors are looking for when it comes to actor headshots.

I also spent years in the restaurant industry (#actorslife am I right?). I learned so much about service and hospitality that it is just second nature now. I strive to give not only quality work, but a memorable experience. 


Craig Galloway

Craig, our lighting assistant, has been working with photography since the days of 35mm film and has continued to enjoy creating lighting setups for digital cameras as well.


His Engineering background helps with many of the technical and structural aspects of setups for the shoot, while the artistic flair comes from his decade plus of working in film, television, and theatre.


As an actor, he’s able to help Tara as she guides clients to connect to the different versions of themselves and the emotions that are needed to help headshots really shine.

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